We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about our services

A virtual assistant is a highly skilled individual who can do many things. Virtual assistants can assist with various administrative tasks, customer service support, answering emails, or booking meetings.

Virtual assistants can work as executive assistants, marketing assistants, administrative assistants, personal assistants, and in other associated positions. Virtual Assistants can also help you to manage customer relations, incoming inquiries, and emails and provide technical support.

We have an internal mechanism to choose and allot the assistant who would best fit your needs. But if you would like to talk to your assistant or choose one after interviewing a couple of them, that can be arranged. It would mean more time to spare before you get started.

Yes, you would need to provide your credit card details during the signup process because we work on a prepaid basis. Our invoices are generated at the start of every month based on the plan you have subscribed to, and your credit card will be charged accordingly.

We accept most International credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

It usually will take 1 (one) business day to assign a suitable assistant after you complete the signup process. If you want to select someone on your own after talking to a few of our assistants, it will take a little more time.

Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your service at any time, but the cancellation of the services must come as a notification to us at least five business days before the end date of the ongoing contract/plan term.

Yes, we do provide hourly rate services even in our customized plans, if any. However, we encourage our clients to take advantage of our monthly plans with hourly rates as low as $8.5 per hour. We have designed our plans so that the higher the plan hours, the lower your hourly rate will be.

Keeping track of hours is made easy!! Daily, your dedicated virtual assistant would send you a log of hours sheet, most probably in excel format, with the current status of each of the jobs assigned if you request him to do so. If required, your assistant can also provide you with the usage details daily/weekly/fortnightly.

You can contact your dedicated virtual assistant through Instant Messenger (Preferred Microsoft Teams), email, and a direct US number during the time slot. A dedicated US direct number to reach directly to your virtual assistant is likely to attract additional charges.

When you subscribe to a monthly plan, you buy ‘X’ hours of task support with your virtual assistant. Those hours could be used for different tasks depending on your needs. Only tasks that require specialized skills, such as accounting, web design, digital marketing, content creation, or market research, may be charged at a higher differential price per hour because they are handled by a team of specialists and not your regular VA.

Yes, you can if you are subscribing to a plan that is more than 160 hours a month, or you could subscribe to two different packages for different purposes, and different assistants could anchor them.

You are getting the benefit of a team with the ease of dealing with only your primary VA, an individual. So you can access the entire MetroMax Solutions team through the individual assistant. That doesn’t mean that your data and info are available to everyone. MetroMax Solutions follows a policy of providing access to information strictly on a need-to-know basis.

A full-time assistant will be allotted if you subscribe to a 160-hour plan per month. But even in that case, they may handle more than one client to optimize your time because your assistant may only handle some tasks. Some may require teamwork, and some may require specific skills that your assistant may not be an expert at. Dedicated assistant services are a different category, and it is generally not recommended to our clients, though we may provide them on request (custom pricing). The very strength of our service lies in making available a wide range of general administrative skills even as we insulate you from the risk of depending on one person.

You can reach your assistant through Mail/Chat/Microsoft Teams/Phone, or whatever you are comfortable with. Our assistants are available on any of these communication platforms. 80% of our clients prefer sending their tasks over email or chat.