Trucking Virtual Assistants

Get Trucking Industry Experts. Save Time. Cut Operations Cost

What can a Trucking Virtual Assistant (TVA) do for you?

A TVA will help you by taking complete ownership of your Backoffice Trucking tasks, while your other experts can seamlessly manage the rest in your Org.

TMS Data Entry

Data Entry, load tracking, updating TMS such as pick up and drop locations, Trip completion etc.

ELD Monitoring

Capturing data from ELD on the truck location, Speed limits, Engine hours, On-duty and Off-duty hours etc.

Book Keeping and Accounting data entry

Load and invoice tracker, Invoice tracker, Servicing expenditures, fuel Lumper fee, Detention, Layover, Tolls , Fuel Cards, IFTA submissions.

Submitting BOL and RC to Factoring companies

Tracking BOL and RC and submitting it to the factoring companies for payment closures. Sending reports on the payment closures and pending payment.

Carrier Packets

Broker Carrier setup, email carrier packets to broker, Filling contract agreement and send it along with COI, W9, MC, NOA.

How much will you save?

Typical Pricing for one Back Office Employee

Our TVA will come with following advantages

Cost of All Inclusive MetroMax TVA 160 Hour Package

Saving Potential

Benefits of our free trucking software along with our TVA

Our Trucking Software is free. Our TVA will work on your systems running in your org, but you can use these features if you want, free of cost.


A free mobile app on which your driver can raise a SOS if needed, anytime, any where. The SOS Message will be sent to all the stakeholders in your Organization – monitored by our TVA

Driver Location Check

Click a button to know exact location of any of your Driver anytime from one screen. Don’t have to call the driver

Driver Mobile App

Receipts for Lumper fee, detention, Tolls etc.

Benefits of free TRUCKING SOFTWARE

Drive can raise an SOS alert on the app and that alert can be directed to multiple parties in your org so there is real time help provided to the driver

Live location and destination of all the trucks can be tracked with one view.

Documents can be uploaded and viewed real time and it becomes a repository that can be referred in the future.

How do you get started?


Select A Package

Select a package of your choice and complete the payment. We will assign a Virtual Assistant based on your needs.


Connect With Your Virtual Assistant

Connect with your virtual assistant and start sending tasks to your Virtual Assistant via Email, Telephone, or any online medium.


Relax And Track Usage

Your Virtual Assistant will perform the task and provide you with daily/weekly updates. You can track hour usage anytime.

What happens after the Sign Up?

Why MetroMax Solutions?

Trucking Knowledge

Hands-on Trucking Industry Expertise. We operate our own trucks as well.


Veteran owned organization based in Atlanta. Well known name in the industry.

Back Up

Two resources for every package. This ensures the service continuity and backup


Saving of around $2k /month for every resource

Scale up/down

Easy resource ramp up/ ramp down as per business need.


Free software to support smooth operations


What Our Clients are Saying


"We would like to let you and your team know that we enjoy working with you and are very happy and satisfied with your work, the way you communicate and fit in with how we work, and your reporting. We look forward to a long relationship with you and your team."

Abigail Tunstall

MetroMax Solutions has been a great partner for my small business, helping with marketing support. I'd recommend them to any small business considering adding virtual assistants to their team.

Steven Richmond

MetroMax Solutions Virtual Assistants have been incredibly professional and very punctual. I'm glad to have found MetroMax Solutions and will continue using their VA services. Thank you so much!

Michael Teofilo

Working with MetroMax Solutions is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I was able to make a lot of time for my loved ones. I plan to stay with this company for as long as I can. Thank you for a great year!

Laura Deutsch

The most incredible benefits of working with MetroMax Solutions' Virtual Assistants are high quality of work, professional services, trustworthiness, and multiple assistants with different skill sets that I can use for other parts of my business (as I am a solopreneur).

Kenden Alfond
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